We supply and install various types of doors and jambs for different customers such as.

  • Plain solid core doors used mostly on domestic and commercial uses factory doors which can be steel sheeted for extra security also rear doors for houses exit doors on stairways external and internal uses etc.
  • Fire rated doors mostly used on commercial buildings for electrical room’s fire stairs and front entry doors to units and others.
  • Aluminium and glass doors used both in commercial and domestic uses such as main entry doors to foyers or offices also sliding doors or bi-folding doors to balconies or entertaining areas.
  • Some type of doors also can have a variety of types of glass such as double glazing or different tinting also leadlight etc.
  • Joinery or custom doors for domestic house on their front entry as well as doors to match existing or to suite the opening size of the entry way.
  • Pivot doors used both in domestic and commercial which can be ether wooden or aluminium and glass.