We supply and install various types of commercial doors and jambs and furniture for different customers such as.

  • Aluminium doors either sliding swinging or pivoting that lead to the patios/balconies and main entry and lobby doors with different types of glass to suite the situation or requirements.
  • Wooden / joinery doors can be custom made for commercial purposes such as in heritage buildings factories or main entries to match existing or damaged doors etc.
  • Fire rated doors used on commercial buildings for electrical room’s fire stairs and front entry doors to units and others can be custom made as well to suite the area within the allowable standards for fire rating and if needed with view panels etc.

  • Plain solid core doors can be over size and in a commercial application steel sheeted either just on the outside face or both inside face as well for added security.
  • Changing or replacing custom pivot doors used commercial applications which can be ether wooden or aluminium and glass.

Maintenance and repairs of commercial buildings and factories

  • Replacement of door closer for commercial buildings we do get types for surface mounted closers to floor hinges etc.
  • Replacement or repair of locks and furniture and glass.
  • Repair to swing doors and sliding doors plus bi-fold doors mostly all types of doors except the lager garage roller doors and there similar type doors.
  • Tagging of fire doors if required and repairs to fire door inspection reports.
  • Installation of door seals such as weather or smoke depending on the requirements.

Repair of doors and door jambs where possible.

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