Domestic Doors and jambs

We can supply and install many types of domestic doors ranging from glass and Aluminium balcony doors and plain solid wooden doors or front entry joinery doors to custom made doors.
Different opening styles from sliding to swing and bi-folding.
We provide many different options that you required for the job you have.
Also, choices from many reputable companies you can choose the type of door you want and as well as the door furniture of your choice.

  • Plain solid core joinery doors can be over size.
  • Changing or replacing custom pivot doors used on front entry applications which can be ether wooden or aluminium and glass.

Maintenance and replacement/repairs of Doors

  • Replacement of pivot door closers for Homes we do get types for surface mounted closers to floor hinges etc.
  • Replacement or repair of locks and furniture and glass.
  • Repair to swing doors and sliding doors plus bi-fold doors mostly all types of doors except the lager garage roller doors and there similar type doors.
  • Installation of door seals such as weather or smoke depending on the requirements.

Repair of doors and door jambs where possible.

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